Tax Services & Compliance

We love tax compliance work and see ourselves as craftsmen of tax return filings. But the reality is that tax compliance merely records history. In tax planning we get to make tax history.

Planning and tax consulting presents the opportunity to change how things are done to make them tax efficient or advantageous. What is the timing: long term or short term? What is the nature: ordinary income or capital gain? Can the incidence be deferred: tax-swap or like kind exchange? Is it taxable at all: contribution to capital, tax-exempt, statutorily excluded? In tax planning we ask: what could be? How can it be done? Tax planning looks for these answers.

The tax law, both federal and state, is enormously complicated. There are pitfalls and traps for the unwary, but there are also tax-advantaged strategies and techniques for the informed.

“We out source no compliance work beyond our walls or our personnel. We do not use temps or foreign outsource firms. We are consummate tax preparers and love that role.”