An alternative to the big city and large, impersonal international accounting firms, Federman, Lally & Remis is a boutique firm of sophistication and depth. Clients with high net worth or complicated multi-jurisdictional issues have been pleased to find a more personal, local alterative to New York or other money center accounting firms. Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Multiple jurisdiction tax matters, including dual residence and international treaty issues
  • Multi-state taxation, residence, domicile and jurisdictional conflicts
  • Expatriate taxation, U.S. residents working abroad
  • Inpatriate taxation
  • Large motor vessels: Acquisition, ownership and sale (sales tax, personal use, 280A issues, recapture, like-kind exchanges, etc.)
  • Aircraft Acquisition (including helicopters), ownership and sale, like-kind exchanges, FAR and excise tax issues, 280F issues
  • Real estate, acquisition, ownership structure, use of tax losses, financing like-kind exchanges
  • Foreign tax credit (direct and indirect)
  • Research and Development tax credit
  • New England (and New York) residency transitions to Florida, Texas and other tax advantaged states
  • Closely held businesses
  • U.S. businesses with foreign ownership
  • Intercompany pricing (section 482), including documentation
  • IRS controversies
  • IFRS and GAAP transitions
  • Audits

At first glance, this may seem like a long list. But these types of issues are presented in our practice every day.

The last two items on the above list, IFRS and GAAP transitions and audits, are of particular importance. Increasingly, firms are not doing full audits because of technical complexity and professional liability. This situation is only going to accelerate. We are committed to our audit practice and to being leaders in technical excellence. As U.S. companies face the transition to international standards, we are excited about continuing our leadership in accounting scholarship and professionalism.

“What differentiates FLR is their ability to combine solid accounting and business consulting practices with their original client-centered vision. The result is decidedly un-typical.”