About Us

When Dave Federman, Bob Lally and Jim Remis joined forces, they shared a vision to create a firm that was different – one that could effortlessly adapt to client needs and that stood apart from the larger, impersonal accounting firms. Describing themselves as “Not Your Typical Bean Counters”, Federman, Lally & Remis has come to be the firm of choice for clients seeking personal relationships and smart, technical accounting practice.

FLR is distinguished by its experienced, mature staff and its client-centered approach.

Coming from large, multi-office, international practices, Federman, Lally and Remis built a firm a client could love. The teaching-hospital business model, which results in constant turnover of staff, is followed by most large accounting practices. In contrast, Federman, Lally & Remis’ practice model is based on client satisfaction and professional continuity.

As managing partner Dave Federman puts it: “It was clear from our former experience that clients were uncomfortable with personnel turnover at accounting firms. They want to see the same experienced team every year. No one wants to be a training ground. In addition to retaining the very best talent, we are dedicated to the success of our clients.”

Federman, Lally & Remis is a traditional full service accounting firm offering tax, advisory and auditing services. What differentiates this firm however is their ability to combine solid accounting and business consulting practices with their original client-centered vision. The result is decidedly un-typical.

Areas of expertise include manufacturing (particularly aero space and high tech), distribution, real estate and auto dealerships.

The volume and scope of the firm’s practice is remarkable for its size. Several clients exceed a billion dollars in sales, yet the principle feature of the client list is not size, but ownership. Federman, Lally & Remis limit their practice to closely held businesses and do not service publicly traded companies.

In a business environment where the technical complexity and professional liability of auditing has led many firms out of the audit practice, Federman, Lally & Remis is very proud of its peer reviewed audit practice. “Auditing is the hallmark of the true accounting practice and is the foundation for technical excellence,” adds Jim Remis, head of the accounting and auditing practice.

The firm regards itself as a local alternative to New York or other money-center based firms.

“While we happen to be in Hartford, the technical sophistication of our practice could be anywhere”, says Bob Lally, head of the tax practice. “We are routinely involved in complex transactions and multinational and multistate matters.”

With more than 20 accomplished professionals, Federman, Lally & Remis is one of the top firms in the Hartford region. The firm has created a niche in which experience, problem solving and personal service are cause for success.